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How do I enter my child in the Healthy Baby Contest?

The link to our Registration Google form can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note that you will also need to submit a video for your registration to be complete.

We will be taking video submissions for the preliminary round with the following required specifications:
       1. Maximum 45 seconds long.
       2. Acceptable video formats: .mp4 and MOV.

  • Most android phones are capable of generating .mp4 format for videos.

  • Apple phones are capable of generating MOV. format for videos. 


*Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or technical difficulties with submitting your child’s video.


Can the child wear a costume?

Yes, the child may wear a costume. However, he or she will not be judged on the costume.

How are the scores determined?

A panel of judges, selected by the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees, will provide scores for each child based on the above categories. Past judges have included community leaders and pediatricians. Then, a team of independent accountants will calculate the judging sheets for each child to determine the average score.

How will the child be judged?

Each child is judged according to the following categories: Physical Appearance, Healthiness, and Personality. Each category is rated on a 20‐point scale, from "fair" to "excellent". Please note that the scoring is based on the personal opinions of the judging panel and does not represent the opinion of the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees.


When will the finalists be announced?

Parents/guardians of the 25 finalists will be contacted by the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees, using the information provided on the registration form, on September 2, 2023.

2019 HBC Finale-7747.jpeg

Image taken by Edmar Castillo Photography

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