2021 HBC Chairperson Message

Aloha Parents, Keiki, Friends, and Families:
Thank you for joining us for our 68th Annual Healthy Baby Contest!

The Healthy Baby Contest has been a signature project of the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees. The competition has since taken on many forms since it’s conception in 1953, notably the virtual format that the Healthy Baby Contest underwent last year due to the recent pandemic. Despite last year’s challenges, it is truly amazing to see a project take a different approach to safely welcome new generations of keiki across the state onto
our virtual stage.
With the generous support of our supporters, we have been able to offer scholarships for early childhood education, to assist our keiki at this crucial stage of learning and growth. The dedicated and inspired efforts of our volunteers will allow us to continue to celebrate the health and well-being of our island keiki for many generations to come.
Danicia Honda
2021 HBC Chair

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2021 HCJ President Message

Aloha HBC Parents, Families and Friends,

This year marks the 68th Annual Healthy Baby Contest.  The Honolulu Chinese Jaycees have been fortunate to be able to host this free, family-friendly event for the past 67 years since 1954.  While this year’s contest will certainly be different than in the past, we hope to incorporate positive aspects from previous contests as well as the 2020 contest.

Although we can’t fully gather like in year’s past, we hope that by holding this event, we can bring many of Hawaii’s families together, and celebrate one of the most important things in our society, our keiki!  This year’s contest chair, Ms. Danicia Honda, and her committee have put together an amazing plan to safely highlight all our participants virtually, with the chance to showcase the best keiki at an in-person final event (COVID restrictions pending).  Please be assured that all COVID safety protocols will be taken to protect you, your children, and all the participants of this year’s contest.

On behalf of the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees Board of Directors, our generous sponsors, and our illustrious panel of judges, we look forward to welcoming you all to this year’s Healthy Baby Contest. I look forward to seeing all of Hawaii’s healthiest babies and wish all of our contestants the best of luck.  Wishing you and your families continued health, safety and happiness.



Scott Kaneshiro

2021 President, Honolulu Chinese Jaycees

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Healthy Baby Contest History

The Healthy Baby Contest has been an island tradition since 1954 that was created by the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees. It Is a fun event for families and spectators. It is a light-hearted Approach to raising awareness for healthy living. The contestants will be judged on their physical appearance, healthiness, and personality. The Honolulu Chinese Jaycees aim to continue this long tradition of a baby contest on the island.

Honolulu Chinese Jaycees History

The Honolulu Chinese Jaycees (HCJ), founded in 1953 by Dr. Wai Sen Char, is a leadership and community service organization that consists of men and women between the ages of 18­‐40.


Members come from many cultural and professional backgrounds to develop their leadership skills by participating in professional programs, assisting with community service projects and having fun at social and sports activities.


The Honolulu Chinese Jaycees also had the honor of hosting the 1997 Junior Chamber International World Congress. This event brought over six thousand delegates to Hawaii from over 100 countries around the world.


An organization of boundless opportunity, HCJ has played a key role in training Hawaii's young leaders. HCJ is the organization of choice to help young people improve their professional skills, assist the community, develop long-­‐term friendships and ensure Hawaii's future with strong, young leaders.